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802.11ac Wi-Fi: Unplug Your Video Editing Computer |

It may not have Superman’s bullet-dodging skills or Ironman’s flying ability, but for video editors, 802.11ac wifi is the latest superhero on the video editing scene. Okay, the latest in router technology doesn’t wear a heroic cape or a fancy suit. The name may not be quite like any comic book hero that youve ever heard of, but despite these obvious drawbacks, we’re pretty certain that the new wifi has enough superhero-like powers to make video editors everywhere pretty happy.

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Wireless Microphone Interference – Squelch It

Wireless Microphone Interference – Squelch It

Last week, I was called into a church for resolving a wireless microphone problem. Over the phone, it sounded like an easy fix. Once I got there, that’s when the real trouble started….

By Chris Huff

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