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Back to Basics: Console Config – Outputs – Church Tech UK


Church Announcements: 7 Mistakes To Avoid – Worship Facilities Magazine

As church communicators, we must look to refine our information and limit the number of announcements.

Source: Church Announcements: 7 Mistakes To Avoid – Worship Facilities Magazine

Dealing with Critiscism — ChurchTechArts

Last time I started a conversation on introversion and how those of use who are introverts can feel somewhat marginalized by the Church. Today, I want to tackle a topic that is perhaps even closer to home: Dealing with criticism. I know I struggle with it, and based on the conversations I have with other technical leaders, I’m not alone.My thinking has been challenged on this topic in a few ways over the last few months. First, I read the book, Introverts in the Church: Finding our Place in an Extroverted Culture by Adam S. McHugh. I’ve also been talking about it with a good friend of mine with whom I meet fairly regularly. And he gave me another book to read which I have yet to start….

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Introverts Are People, Too — ChurchTechArts

You’ve had this happen; you’re sitting in your office, mulling over an idea, process or thinking about a way to do something differently. You’re making good progress when all of the sudden, someone bursts into your office and starts talking. They figure that since you’re not talking to anyone, you’re not doing anything. I’ve talked before about our tendency to think everyone is just like us, and the extrovert can’t imagine sitting alone, thinking about something for very long. But for us introverts, this is golden time.

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Fe y Melodía

Una vez un sacerdote me dijo que en todas las canciones se habla de Dios. En todas, aunque sean ofensivas hay algo de Dios siempre. Sin quererlo o explicarlo podemos adaptar una canción a nuestra vida o la vida de alguna persona a la que conocemos.

Recientemente los cantantes Malú y Pablo Alborán publicaron un tema llamado “Vuelvo a verte”. Nadie diría que esta canción habla de la conversión al Cristianismo o volver a encontrarse con Dios. Quizá algunos digan que mi interpretación está “metida con calzador”.

Parte de la primera estrofa dice

“Se acabó, ya no hay más, terminó el dolor de molestar a esta boca que no aprende de una herida. He dejado de hablar al fantasma de la soledad. Ahora entiendo, me dijiste que nada es eterno”.

Se puede interpretar como una persona apartada de Dios marcada por el “dolor”, la “herida”, la “soledad” y el…

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Wireless Microphone Interference – Squelch It

Wireless Microphone Interference – Squelch It

Last week, I was called into a church for resolving a wireless microphone problem. Over the phone, it sounded like an easy fix. Once I got there, that’s when the real trouble started….

By Chris Huff

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