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Lighting is an important and often costly investment for any house of worship, so regular preventative maintenance should be routine. This will ensure that your lights are in good working order for years of use. Knowing how to handle routine cleaning and basic service is critical to avoid damaging your equipment while maintaining your lighting investment. It should also be noted that part of that knowledge is knowing when you have crossed into needing professional service repairs, especially as it can be both costly and dangerous—there is lethal voltage—to work inside a moving light.

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10 Tips for Buying a Video Projector for Your Church – Worship Tech Decisions

Projection systems aren’t as complicated as many people think. Proper planning and a basic understanding of the capabilities of a system — and what you want to accomplish — can remove much of the complexity of operating a system and enable you to concentrate on delivering the message of your ministry—more powerfully and effectively.

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7 Popular Typefaces for Worship Lyric Projection | CMG

You have many typefaces fonts to choose from when projecting lyrics during your church service, youth group or worship concert. I wanted to introduce you to the top most used typefaces that churches are using and give a brief description of their history and key properties. I hope this list will give you a better understanding of these typefaces and will help you make better typeface selections for worship lyric projection in the future.

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