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Why You Shouldn’t Store Files on the Desktop – Tuts+ Computer Skills Tutorial

Over the years, I’ve repaired many computers. Most people just ask me to speed it up. I usually ensure they have enough RAM to run the latest version of OS X, update everything, clean out some caches if the hard drive is near full, and advise they reorganize things.

I usually don’t have to mention the Desktop, unless it’s really bad. And I’ve seen some bad ones. Hundreds of little icons. These people have adjusted the icon size to 16×16 pixels just to fit it all on the display. The thing is, they probably don’t know how much it slows down their Mac.

In this tutorial, I’ll outline several reasons why you need to keep the Desktop clear  and explain how to do it more effectively.

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How to Securely Format Your SSD | Mactuts+

Ever since Apple started implementing solid state drives SSDs in its line of notebook computers, the process for formatting the drive has evolved from the method previously used for a SATA magnetic disk drive. The tried-and-true method of writing 35-plus series of zeros over the entire disk for maximum data obscurity is no longer a recommendable option because filling an SSD that many times can negatively impact the life expectancy and efficiency of the drive.

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